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A better, honest Disneyland podcast….


....The leavingtoday podcast is meant to be an entertaining and informative look at both Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure. We like to delve into the theories behind some of their decisions and directions. Along the way, we'll talk about news worthy items and share our thoughts on their impact on the parks. In addition, we hope to interview other fans, experts and authors.



A long time fan of Disneyland and theme park design. Self-taught Disneyland historian (but who isn't self-taught??) who reads and listens to everything he can find, theorizes about armchair imagineering and probably thinks too deeply about the parks. Mark is always up for a discussion about attractions, park design and history.


Grew up in southern California and went on many an adventure at Disneyland. Hury thinks deeply about most topics and offers insightful thoughts and questions about things. Wildly entertaining and engaging, he'll keep the conversation flowing with different takes and angles. Hury also co-hosts the entertaining and informative movie based podcast: badorbad. So check that one out!!! Btw, if these numbers mean anything to you: 105, di2, ak47, 223....you and he will become good friends...

As a life-long fan Disney fan and former cast member, Jes brings her unique perspective and enthusiasm to the show. Being an AP holder, Jes makes monthly trips to the parks. As such, she'll provide insider stories, updates and views from both parks (and the entire Disneyland Resort). Words she lives by: "If you live right, things happen right." - Walt Disney.
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