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Episode 8 - Fantasyland

June 6th, 2016


Welcome to this super deluxe episode of the leavingtodaypodcast!

This is the first part in our series of exploring each land in detail. We discuss the history, our favorite attractions, the emotions that Fantasyland gives us, essential things to see and do, memories and finally things we'd add or remove...
But first, we discuss a few news items:
  • Jungle Cruise has set sail again!
  • Overages at the Shanghai park have meant that certain elements in the US theme parks have been reduced. We talk about what some of those elements are and how this might affect the guest's experience.
  • Plus a little Casey Jr. train talk!!!!


Jungle Cruise has tours departing daily again....

101 with Jes
  • Jes drops some Alice promotional news
  • Famous guests that she's encountered
  • Gives us an opportunity to ask her a question about her cast member days


Jes, Hury and Mark all share their thoughts, experiences and emotions about this land. Along the way, they do a little armchair Imagineering, provide a couple touring tips and also discuss a few insider stories.

Note: This episode is mixed differently, let me know what you think!!!!

Thank you so much for listening!!!


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