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Episode 62 - 5 Up/3 Down - Critter Country + Jae with Pixar Fest Food!

June 11th, 2018


Oh yes!! You've found the LTP! This is our 62nd episode and it's big!!!! In this show, we're going to discuss our top 5 favorite things about Critter Country and also our top 3 least favorite things about it. There are no wrong answers here, but rather we just wanted to point out some things that you should not miss when you're visiting the park.  But before that though, we a special food report from Jae  Brattain on Pixar Fest food!!!!  We also have 101 with Jes, Ask Dean and news........and we have lots of news...oh my....lots of news...

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Ask Dean
  • In this continuing segment, we ask the 6th question!
 Week  Jes Hury
1 X X
2 1 1
3 X 1
4  X
7 1
Total 4 5
  • Black Spire Outpost

  • Mobile Ordering Update

  • Path of the Jedi Closed
  • Downtown Disney Updates

  • Changes to AP blackout dates


101 with Jes!
  • Jes plays two truths and a lie with Hury and Mark!



Jae Brattain with Pixar Fest Food


Cheeseburger Pizza! Yum!!!


 Michelada from Bayside Brews 


Vaporcitos ~ Chicken tamales

Feature Presentation
  • In this segment, we talk about our 5 favorite things about Criter Country as well as 3 least favorite things about it. There are no wrong answers here, just our thoughts about things you should definitely check out and experience and a few things that you should avoid. We also get some wonderful input from our listeners! 


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