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Episode 52 - Sam Gennawey: Theme Park Design



Hello and welcome to the LTP! In our 52nd episode, we have a special guest! Author, historian, urban designer and theme park enthusiast, Sam Gennawey joins us to talk about various theme park design! We promise you'll learn something!!  In addition we play a special game with Jes and we get a surprise phone call.  But before all of that, we have our news. Thank you for stopping by, be sure to leave us a review on iTunes. Also, check out our merchandise page and pick up a shirt! In the meantime, order some coffee from Expedition Roasters from the link below.  As always, thank you for listening!!!

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  • Disney hotels eliminate ‘Do not disturb’ signs after Las Vegas massacre

  • Discounted Southern California Disneyland tickets are back on sale now

  • Tahitian Terrace Returns?
  • Refurbishment


101 with Jes!
  • Jes plays what's my line? Plus, we get a timely phone call!
Feature Presentation
  • In this segment, we have a great conversation with Sam Gennawey!! We hope you'll enjoy this interview!! You'll learn something!!!



A great example of the Quality without a name.


The Court of Angels, closed to 99% of us, but a great example of an interstitial.


If you want to learn about the history of Disneyland, click on the image!


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