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Episode 51 - 2018 Predictions + Games



Hello and welcome to the LTP! In our 51st episode, we discuss our predictions for 2018! In addition we play a special game with Jes and we get to eat some interesting things. But before all of that, we have our news. Thank you for stopping by, be sure to leave us a review on iTunes. Also, check out our merchandise page and pick up a shirt! In the meantime, order some coffee from Expedition Roasters from the link below.  As always, thank you for listening!!!

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  • Power outage at Disneyland

  • Single Rider Entrance for Space Mountain

  • John Lasseter no longer at Disney


101 with Jes!
  • Jes plays two truths and one lie with us! We also get to eat some interesting things....
Feature Presentation
  • In this segment, we discuss a few of our predictions for 2018!
Thank you so much for listening!!!


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