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Episode 42 - Everybody loves a parade!?!



Hello LTP listeners!!! Welcome to episdoe 42!!! This is a short episode (by LTP standards)...but it's full of witty banter and adventure!!! The team discusses the history of parades at the park and discuesses their importance in the Disneyland experience. But before that, we have a fun 101 with Jes segment and we have the news!!!  So sit back, relax, chill and enjoy this episode!!! Be sure to subscribe to us on iTunes and leave a comment!!! We really appreciate you!!!


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  • Disney to add 450 parking spaces to its Toy Story parking lot
  • Star Wars:Galaxy's Edge tops out
  • 3rd shift crew gets an overnight party
101 with Jes!
  • Jes asks the listeners what their favorite bloopers are at the end of the show.
Feature Presentation
  • The team takes a look at the history of parades at the park and what they mean to us.
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