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Episode 41 - 3 Worst Attractions/Skyline Lounge with Jae Brattain!

August 21st, 2017


Hey there and welcome to the LTP!!! This is Episdoe 41 and it's full of action!! In this special show, we discuss the Skyline Lounge and Summer of Heroes food with our friend Jae Brattain!! In addition, the team discusses their 3 least favorite Disneyland attractions!! But before that, they play a game on 101 with Jes! and talk about the news!!! So, tune in and join the conversation. As always, hit us up with any questions or comments!!

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  • Pixar Pier updates
  • Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire coming to Downtown Disney
  • Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge tops out
  • Downtown Disney parking rates going up
101 with Jes!
  • Jes plays a game called 2 truths and 1 lie! See how well you do!!
Feature Presentation
  • In the first part of our feature presentation, we discuss our 3 worst attractions at the park
  • In the second part of our feature presentation, we talk with our good friend Jae Brattain about the Skyline lounge and food from Summer of Heroes at DCA!


Solar System Sweets. Photo courtesy of Jae Brattain


View from the Skyline Lounge. Photo courtesy of Jae Brattain


Teddi Barra Lavender Sparkler. Photo courtesy of Jae Brattain


This dessert wasn't a winner. Photo courtesy of Jae Brattain


Look at these nachos!! Photo courtesy of Jae Brattain


Groot Bread. Photo courtesy of Jae Brattain

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