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Episode 37 - Summer Foods with Jae Brattain

June 26th, 2017
Hello and welcome to this most exciting podcast! If you love food....especially food found at the Disneyland Resort, then you're in a for a treat! We have returning guest, Jae Brattain. Jae was a member of the DisGeek Podast and a founding member of the Dinning at Disney Podcast. Jae brings a wealth of knowledge, passion and humor to the food aspect of the park.  We know you'll learn something, laugh a little, smile and most of all, be entertained by his food knowledge!!!!  We also play a round of 101 with Jes! along with Jae. But before that, we have the news.
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  • Big Thunder Trail Returns....along with test runs of the Mark Twain
  • D23 Expo 2017 will present "A Galaxy of Stories"
  • Adventureland Expands!
  • The backside of Radiator Springs Racers gets filled in....but why?? 
Feature Presentation
  • In this special show, we talk to Disneyland food expert, Jae Brattain. Jae makes his return to our show to discuss some favorite summer food options at the resort. We also have a lengthy discussion about nachos!!  We are sure you will be entertained by this interview.....without a doubt, you'll learn something!



The much beloved Lobster Nachos!


Bengal BBQ Skewers! Jae says, "Get these now..."


Fried Chicken from the Plaza Inn...Get it fresh!!


Yes, he said it...Churro Funnel Cake

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