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Episode 36 - Railroads, Guardians and Pirates….oh my!

June 12th, 2017


Hello and welcome to the Leavingtodaypodcast! This is episode 36!! For this show, we have a guest in the studio, Leon.  Leon is a filmmaker, photographer, artist, thinker and just an overall creative talent. He co-hosts with Hury on their film based podcast and VLOG, badorbad. Anyway, Leon is with us to discuss the latest installment of the Pirates franchise and to ask Disneyland questions. In addition, we talk about Lobster Nachos...or is that Nobster Lachos??? Before that, we have a great 101 with Jes! segment and we cover the news!!!  So join us on this adventure!!!
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***There be spoilers ahead***
  • Disneyland Railroad and Rivers of America Attraction Return to Disneyland Park this Summer with New Magic


Artist's Concept of Rivers of America. Image Courtesy of WDI.


Two Attraction Posters that we reference

  • Experts say Disneyland’s capacity issues are helping drive the Marvel push into Disney California Adventure

  • Guardians of the Galaxy opens to crazy crowds


Look at what the Collector has!!

101 with Jes!
  • In this special segment, Jes asks the listeners about their favorite moments in LTP history!! Very touching!!!
Feature Presentation
  • The LTP crew + Leon discuss and deconstruct the newest installment of the Pirates film franchise!! 
Check out Leon's impressive work!
Thank you so much for listening!!!


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