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Episode 35 - Interview with Chris Strodder

May 27th, 2017


Hello and welcome to Episode 35 of the leavingtodaypodcast!! In this extended, special show, we interview author Chris Strodder. We promise that you'll learn something from him!!! We also cover some news and play a game with Jes! So join us on this adventure, won't you??


  • Hyperspace Mountain goes into hibernation
  • 121 employes are going to be laid off to make room for a new 4-Star hotel to be built on the Anabella Hotel property
  • Date Night at Disneyland returns this summer with live music in Tomorrowland
  • Guardians of Galaxy preview party sold out


101 with Jes!

  • We play a spirited round of '....would you rather?' Thank you to all who supplied us with questions!!


Feature Presentation

  • In this incredible interview, we talk with author of such beloved Disneyland books: The Disneyland Book of Lists and the The Disneyland Encyclopedia (1st, 2nd and 3rd editions): Chris Strodder.  We talk about a great many things from the importance of Disneyland to the new Star Wars Land! We promise that you'll learn something!!!


71-5BlnXxnL.jpg 5136fqJY5wL.jpg strodder1.jpg

Some of Chris Strodder's Work!

Order a copy of The Disneyland Encyclopedia!!! 


One of the favorite attraction posters


Thank you so much for listening!!!


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