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Episode 33 - Disneyland’s next 5-10 years

May 1st, 2017


Hello and hello and..........hello! Welcome to Episode 33 of the leaving today podcast. In our 33rd episode we take a look at some of the rumours about the future plans of the park in the next 5 to 10 years....We also discuss some news items and play a game with Jes in our 101 with Jes! segment.

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  • Jungle Cruise is coming to a theater new you
  • Free Wifi testing at the park
  • New Star Wars land details announced at Star Wars Celebration panel
  • New Star Wars Teaser trailer

101 with Jes!

  • In this segment, we take a look at This Day in Disney History and we play a game

Feature Presentation

In our feature presentation segment, we take a look at some of the rumours that we found on various trusted sites. It should be noted these are just rumours and are meant to be treated as such. However, it is entertaining to give these ideas some thoughts.

  • GotG is the first of a new re-theme of HWL feat. Marvel w/ the area themed to a very urbanized NYC, somewhere the heroes would reside
  • Hyperion theater & the surrounding areas & facades finally get their re-themes to go along with the Marvel urban NYC of comic book lore
  • While WDW gets the Tron coaster, DCA will utilize the same tech but will theme it to the Avengers for Marvel Land
  • With SWL comes the closure of Launch Bay & the Innoventions building, the Jedi Training Academy, Hyperspace Mountain,& Star Tours eventually
  • W/ Marvel at DCA & Star Tours becoming redundant after SWL, the ride will be taken offline & the sims moved to DCA for Iron Man ride from HK
  • With so many attractions offline at Tomorrowland, WDI is stressing about the fact that the it will be a dead-zone for so long until a redo,2024 at best
  • Fantasyland is first after SWL w/ plans for the FL theater being replaced by Arendelle,& B&tB replacing motor boat cruise, both Tokyo projects
  • Arendelle will have a Frozen ride while the B&tB section will contain the Be Our Guest restaurant from WDW along with Belle's cottage


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