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Episode 32 - Disneyland in 1959



Hello and welcome to episode 32 of the leavingtodaypodcast!! In this episode, we discuss the attractions that were added to the park in the year 1959. We also take a look at some of the influences outside of the park that may have helped Walt Disney make these decisions. We also discuss the current news and play a couple games with Jes. Oh...we also talk about the many staircases in the park. So, join Jes, Hury, Mark....and special guest, 13 on this wonderful journey.

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  • Disney Legends Awards recipients are announced
  • Main Street Electrical Parade is extended through August 20th
  • New Path new Hungry Bear restaurant partially opens

New partial path is open

101 with Jes!

  • This day in Disneyland history
  • We play a game with crew
  • Bonus game as a team

Feature Presentation

  • We take a look at the changes that came to Disneyland in 1959 and how they impacted the park and us as guests. In addition, we discuss the elements within the park (and outside of the park) that may have lead Walt Disney to make all of these additions.


Construction sign of things to come in 1959!


Beautiful (and rare) aerial photo of the 1959 construction! Courtesy of angryap.com


A nice collage of Holiday Hill. Notice the hiking paths!


A different perspective of Holiday Hill.


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