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Episode 31 - Beauty and the Beast….and AT-ATs….

April 3rd, 2017


Well hello and welcome to the 31st episode of the leavingtodaypodcast! In this extended show, we talk about the new film Beauty and the Beast! In addition, we have a game with Jes in her segment, 101 with Jes!. But first, we have the news.


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  • Bob Iger gets extended until 2019
  • AT-ATs emerge in Anaheim


AT-ATs in Anheim! Look at their size! Photo Courtesy of Attractions 360.

  • Disney's post SWL plans

101 with Jes!

  • Hury and Mark play a favorite game, What's my line?

Feature Presentation

  • The group discusses the differences between the animated and live action film, Beauty and the Beast. They also discuss the controversy surrounding the release of this film.


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