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Episode 30 - Pirates of the Caribbean turns 50

March 20th, 2017


Yo Ho Yo Ho.....and welcome to episode 30 of the leavingtodaypodcast!! In this extended delux show, we discuss the history and celebrate the birthday of one of the park's most beloved attractions, Pirates of the Caribbean.  But before that, we talk about some news items and also play a game with Jes in her segment, 101 with Jes!


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  • Fantasmic!! potential updates!!!!
  • Saving seats for parades and fireworks is against policy - finally!!!
  • Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party may be moving to DCA in 2017

101 with Jes!

In this segment, Jes puts us to the test with some Pirate questions!!! 


Feature Presentation 

For our feature presentation, as Pirates of Caribbean turns 50, we take a look at the history, design, key players and impact of one of our favorite attractions. Feel free to share your own story, history, facts or insigh with us on this attraction.



Original Pirates Walk Thru Conceptual Drawing by Marc Davis


Here is Fred Joerger and Claude Coats during the construction


Walt Disney (in front) testing Pirates of the Caribbean protoype at Arrow Development


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