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Episode 29 - Attractions we want in Disneyland

March 6th, 2017


Hello and welcome to episode 29 of the Leavingtodaypodcast! In this episode we cover the earth in search of attractions at the other Disney parks and try to see what attractions we feel would work well in our park. But before that, we have the news and a game in our segment, 101 with Jes!!!


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  • Summer of Heroes at Disney California Adventure
  • Beauty and the Beast takeover of Fantasyland

101 with Jes!

In this segment, we test the Disneyland knowledge of both Hury and Jes...with a little help from their friends...


Feature Presentation 

In this segment, we take a look at the other Disney parks around the world and see what attractions, if any, we could reasonably port into our park. We discuss impact of theming, park layout and what we'd have to lose in order to make the changes.


Jes has a great idea for a jungle themed Tower of Terror, but would it fit there?

Hury proposes a tear down of this area to make room for the TRON Cycles, heck yeah!!




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