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Episode 28 - Our Three Favorite Dark Rides

February 20th, 2017


Hello and welcome to the latest episode of the leavingtoday podcast!! In this episode, we eventually get to our top three dark rides. We discuss the merits of what makes a dark ride and their place within the parks. Before that, we play a game on 101 with Jes and we discuss the division of guests because of the elite dinner packages being offered.


"Disneyland, where every guest is a vip......if you can afford it...."


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  • 21 Royal Street dinner package for $15,000, would you do this?
  • Saynotodisney.com
  • AP and park ticket prices go up


101 with Jes!

We play a new game...using audio!


Feature Presentation

In our feature presentation, we discuss our top three favorite dark rides! 


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