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Episode 23 - Disneyland After Walt Disney

December 12th, 2016


Hello all! Welcome to episode 23!! In this episode, we (of which two thirds are sick) discuss the park in the year 1967 just after Walt Disney passed away. We discuss the projects he was working on, what his legacy was that he left, and if that legacy is still passed down to current cast members. We also discuss working at restaurants! But before that, we discuss the news and have some Disneyland facts courtesy of Jes! 
  • The buy 12 months/get 13 months for APs is back....clap worthy??
  • Disneyland tests preferred parking.....I don't think anyone prefers this.
  • Solar panels on the roof of Radiator Springs
  • Hong Kong Disneyland plans $1.4 billion upgrade
  • Jes drops some fun facts upon us. How many did you know???
Feature Story
  • We take a look at the park in 1967 and discuss the projects that were developed before Walt Disney's passing.



Pirates of the Caribbean opens this year. Notice any changes??

Work in progress of the much beloved Tomorrowland of 1967 
The classic Tomorrowland enterance. How many things remain to this day?
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