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Episode 13 - Main Street USA



Hello and welcome to Episode 13. Grab some popcorn, maybe an ice cream and find a seat along Main Street USA as we discuss a little history and share some facts about this interesting land. But first, let's take a look at the news!


  • Rumor-Interesting news seems to have surfaced about future projects at the park, specifically the north side of Fantasyland. Are we going to see an Arendelle Village?

Is this the new Arendelle Village?

  • New Star Wars Land/Experience progress


Here is the progress as of June 18th. Photo courtesy of Micechat.com


Same progress with potential map overlay. Photo courtesy of Micechat.com

  • Tower of Terror to be remade into Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission Breakout


New Guardians of the Galaxy concept art. What do you think? Photo courtesy of Disneyparks.

101 with Jes!

  • Jes plays a cool game with the crew! Play at home!!!


Feature Story

  • Main Street USA history
  • Interesting facts about Main Street USA
  • Deep thoughts about this particular land
  • The crew shares their favorite sounds, smells and experiences of this land
  • Note: Mark references the front of Main Street as the "Plaza", but it's actually called the "Town Square"


Alternate Mickey Floral Configuration!

Thank you so much for listening!!!


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