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Episode 10 - Adventureland

June 27th, 2016


Okay listeners, light your tiki torches, get your Dole whips....we're going on an adventure...we're exploring Adventureland!

But first we get into the news!!!

  • Rogue One has scheduled reshoots, should we be worried??
  • New aerial photos have surfaced of the construction of the Star Wars Experience in Anaheim. Let's discuss this!
  • A new luxury hotel is planned for the Disneyland Resort. What does this mean? How does this impact the resort?

Aerial photo of the construction of the Star Wars Experience. Photo courtesy of Jeff Barnes.


101 with Jes!

  • We play a spirited round of two truths and one lie!
  • Jes talks about abandoned ice chests


  • History of the land
  • Our favorite aspects of this land
  • How would we improve this land
  • Is it really so wrong to feel sticky and sweaty while Adventureland?


Thank you so much for listening!!!


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