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Episode 5 - Bringing a first time guest to the park

April 22nd, 2016


Hello and welcome to episode #5!!!!  In this episode, we introduce a new co-host to our show, Jes!

She will bring a wealth of experience and insight to the conversation.


In this episode, we discuss on-demand ticket pricing and how it might or might not impact the overcrowding issue that currently exists in the park. Then Mark discusses how a retooling of current APs might help with this scenario. His plan involves averaging the prices of the three non-SoCal APs, having a monthly allotment of park visits (which could roll over and without blackout dates) and allowing a payment plan.


Annual Pass Type Amount Price Per Day Price Per Month Number of Blackout Days
Disney Signature Plus $1049 $2.87 $87.42 None
Disney Signature Passport $849 $2.41 $70.75 14
Disney Deluxe Passport $599 $1.90 $49.92 50
Disney Common Sense Passport $832 $2.28 $70 None


We then move to our feature story in which we discuss taking a first time guest to the park. Where do you take them? What attractions are essential? Where do you eat? When do you leave?


Thank you so much for listening!!!


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