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Episode 4 - The importance of Frontierland

March 17th, 2016


Hello! Welcome to episode #4!!! In this episode Hury and Mark delve deep into what makes Frontierland such an import part of the Disneyland puzzle. They don't go into the history of this land nor discuss the attractions, rather they discuss its meaning and significance. They also discuss the current ride closures and talk briefly about Autopia and shortcuts through the park. Thank you so much for listening!!!

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Episode 3 - Dealing with Star Wars

March 10th, 2016


Hello and welcome! Thank you for listening. In this episode, we discuss how Disney handled the release of Star Wars in terms of marketing and the Arclight issue. We discuss our feelings about seeing the film for the first time. In addition, we discuss our initial thoughts about how Star Wars land might look and the things we'd like to see developed.

Note: These first few episodes are a little behind current times, but we'll catch up shortly!!


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Episode 2 - Annual Passes and Overcrowding

March 3rd, 2016


Hello and thank you for listening! In this episode we discuss a great many things. But we focus primarily on Annual Passes and how they might be impacting the crowds. We talk about issues of overcrowding and possible solutions. In addition, talk briefly about the Marvel IP and how it does or does not fit into the parks.

A quick look at AP prices over the years:

Date SoCal Select AP SoCal AP Deluxe AP
November 2002 N/A $105 $165
January 2004 $99 $129 $179
October 2004 $99 $149 $209
September 2005 $119 $149 $229
September 2006 $124 $154 $239
September 2007 $129 $169 $259
August 2008 $134 $174 $269
August 2009 $144 $194 $289
Januaray 2010 $169 $219 $299
August 2010 $184 $239 $329
June 2011 $199 $269 $379
January 2012 $199 $269 $379
May 2012 $269 $329 $469
June 2013 $279 $359 $499
May 2014 $289 $379 $519
February 2015 $299 $409 $549
October 2015 $329 $459 $599
October 2015 Cancelled $849 $1,049

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Hury: haxgoalie@gmail www.badorbad.com

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