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Episode 6 - Star Wars Land - A New Hope…

May 11th, 2016


Welcome to episode 6!!!!  Whether you like it or not, Star Wars Land is coming. Today we're talking about our initial thoughts about Star Wars Land. What it means to us, what we're losing because of it and what we hope it will bring.

In our News section, we discuss the Superhero HQ move to DCA, a brief commentary on Frozen and its presence in the parks and finally Tomorrowland (which we'll get into in a later episode).  In addition, we discuss the artist's rendering of the new Disneyland Railroad section through the Rivers of America.


Concept Art for Railroad through Rivers of America

We also tease a new segment called 101 with Jes. Stay tuned....

In our feature story, we delve deep into the impact of Star Wars Land and what it means to the park

and what it means to each of us. We talk about the potential of the show buildings, the layout and

what we think it might look like. During our conversation, we refer to the following image (courtesy of Micechat.com).


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